Tailored Expert IT Services

Like many of our customers, information technology (IT) is probably not your core focus.  It is therefore not always easy to understand how IT can be an enabler in your business and who to contact to get started with the investigation.

At Beztec, our mission is to provide SME organizations with custom-tailored IT consultancy services; to help you approach your request from a different angle. You can count on our experienced staff to assist you to confidently make IT decisions without you having to understand the technical jargon.

Some people call it “out of the box thinking”, we just call it “thinking“…

Advice: Through IT consultants, we provide guidance to our customers on overall IT strategy, business environments and goals.

If you don’t want to manage your IT support team, then why not outsource it?  For an SME business the question might be, where to start.

That is where Beztec comes in as we are able to advise on what should and could be outsourced to minimize your exposure to risk while still keeping the accountability.

Pre-built: As an IT services provider, we can offer a pre-built cloud based mobile eCommerce solution for SMEs so that you can quickly get their eCommerce shop up and running.

New build: Our mobile application development experts are available to build your new application according to your requirements and to the current industry best standards.

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As humans we tend to think that everything looks like a nail if the only tool we have is a hammer. Sometimes however we just need someone else to look at our problem with a fresh pair of eyes.

Rhy Bezuidenhout - CEO - Beztec