Do more with less

At Beztec, we understand that information technology (IT) is not the core focus for most businesses. We do however believe that IT can be an enabler, whatever your business.

What We Offer

We are specialists in the field of information technology (IT) outsourcing.

IT Consultancy

Regardles of your organization's size, we can assist you with new IT infrastructure builds, audits or retrofitting of assets and processes so that you can best use your IT infrastructure, people and processes to achieve your desired business objectives.


Is your organization's main focus not IT, but IT dependent? If you want to keep control of your IT deliveries without the need of creating an internal IT service to take on the responsibility for the planning or maintenance of your IT deliverables, then outsourcing might be your best option.

Mobile Application Development

Do you have a desire or need to have a mobile application developed, but you do not have the time nor expertise to do so yourself? Our tried and tested rapid development process can assist to make your brainchild a reality.

Platforms Delivered

Some of our most recent publicly accessible projects:


As humans we tend to think that everything looks like a nail if the only tool we have is a hammer. Sometimes however we just need someone else to look at our problem with a fresh pair of eyes.

Rhy Bezuidenhout - CEO - Beztec